The Worth Project


This is the meaning behind the project name. Our identity and our worth, are in the redeeming love of Jesus.

The purpose of the Worth Project is to give a group of people each month, an extra necklace to save in their pocket, purse or car for one of those moments where God is nudging them to encourage someone. Whether it's a complete stranger they meet while out running errands or someone who happens to sit next to them in church or a certain friend going through a difficult time; I pray the Lord leads each necklace to just the right person.

I am praying that this project continually brings moments only He can orchestrate. Moments where He uses His Word to bring encouragement at just the right time to just the right women.

To get involved with The Worth Project, follow us on Instagram at @redeemedjewelry and keep an eye out for our Worth Project posts around the first of each month.