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Your World's Not Falling Apart

Dear Jesus,We are so thankful that your plan and purpose for our lives are far greater than ours. We are thankful that you know what lies ahead and you give us the strength to endure it. We come before you feeling blessed by your providence and unconditional love. We are grateful for the friends and family you’ve surrounded us with that make life so much sweeter and tough times easier to endure. We are thankful for how you weave our lives together, all with a heart of goodness and love. Thank you that you are in control and you are working ALL things for good. We trust that our lives are falling into place, because we trust YOU. Amen. ❤️

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Find Refuge Devotion

Find Refuge-No matter where you find yourself today, trust in His plan for your life. Seek refuge in His wings. Allow Him to comfort you and give you the strength to endure and to stand in the face of adversity. Because God is faithful, we can trust Him to act according to His goodness and faithfulness in ALL situations, even the difficult ones. Find shelter from the storm and rest in this truth, knowing that He is working for your good.  Thank you Lord that Your wings are always there to carry me, care for me, and catch me.

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