He Can Hold This Moment

So often we forget that the Lord is bigger than the burdens in our lives. We forget that He is more powerful than any problem or worry in our heart. We need to remember in the midst of our troubles that He is good and He is loving and He is holding every single moment in His hands.
He gives us the strength to endure the difficult moments and hope to endure the heartbreaking ones. He gives joy in our moments of celebration and peace in our moments of chaos and confusion. 
He is with you ALWAYS and He is mighty enough to hold the world AND your moments at the same time. We serve an amazing Father who treasures us so much more than we deserve or recognize.
We give our every moment to You Lord. Thank You Jesus for holding our life in Your hands and our hopes in Your heart. 💕

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  • Amanda MELTON

    Thank you ladies I found your website, and it was encouraging to me today!!! God bless you, love your sister in Christ

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